Charities for 2017

Thursday 22nd June | Friday 23rd June | Saturday 24th June

100% of your spending goes to charity! Through efforts of our suppliers, volunteers, and other donations we can guarantee that 100% of the proceeds of the nights event (all ticket sales, car park sales, bar and snack profits) will go to the relevant charity and detailed accounts of the nights events will be approved by the relevant charity’s treasurer.


Mobile Physio


Mobile Physio is older than the NHS!

When Lady Daphne Heald, who lived at Chilworth Manor, heard that there were no physiotherapy services for the rural villages of South West Surrey, in typical Lady Heald fashion, she gathered some like-minded friends and set about creating South West Surrey Mobile Physiotherapy Service “to meet the needs of those who would otherwise, for various reasons, be deprived of treatment”.

Much has changed since 1947 but we are delighted that the successors at Chilworth Manor, have maintained the link with Mobile Physio and continued to support our work. Although we currently receive a certain amount of funding to treat patients at Shere, Horsley and Send surgeries we also provide an important service beyond the NHS remit; treating the elderly and housebound in their own homes. To achieve this we rely heavily on donations and on fundraising activities such as this Garden Party at Chilworth Manor.

Registered charity number: 255047

Chilworth Village Hall


In just five years Chilworth Village Hall will be celebrating its centenary. Having started life as a tin tabernacle on land given to the village by the Duke of Northumberland, the hall has always been at the heart of the community. Over the years it has provided a safe haven for evacuees arriving from London, celebrated the Queen’s coronation and housed numerous village and charity events.

From its humble beginnings, fund-raising and hard work have enabled us to build a disabled toilet extension, completely re-roof the building in its original style, paint the inside and outside of the hall and fit a modern kitchen.

Managed by a committee of volunteers, who aim to maintain and improve it for future generations, it provides a meeting place for the Rainbows, Brownies, the Community Playgroup, History Society, Parish Council and many more. It is also a venue for weekly Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and Ballet classes and a place where families can celebrate birthdays.

 This year we hope to able to continue the improvement of the hall and complete the much needed resurfacing of the outside making the playgroup area safe for outdoor play and ensuring ease of access for everyone.

Registered charity number: 305002

St Thomas' &
St Martha's Churches


The churches of St Thomas and St Martha-on-the-Hill are active in supporting the community of Chilworth.  We raise money for charities locally and internationally.  We provide a focal point for the spiritual and social life of the parish: holding services in both churches every Sunday with regular coffee mornings and concerts and providing characterful venues for weddings and christenings. 

There has been a church on top of St Martha’s Hill for over a thousand years.  This very special building stands not only as a place of Christian worship but also as a landmark, 570 feet above sea level on the North Downs.  Because of its position, it is exposed to the weather making maintenance of the building a constant challenge.    

We do not receive any grants towards the upkeep of either of the churches.  We depend on the generosity of the congregation, our local communities, visitors from further afield and events such as this to raise funds.  Both churches will benefit from all the money raised at the 2017 Picnics and Pimms event.  You may also like to consider joining the Friends of St Martha's as it is a popular way to contribute funds to this much needed, ongoing work. 

Having come together in February 2016 in the new united parish of Chilworth, each church has its own unique identity: St Martha’s is “the beacon on the hill” above the valley of Chilworth; St Thomas’, in the middle of the village is the “lantern in the valley”.  Both strive to bring light to everyone whose lives they touch.